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Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Lead Generation

Creative Data ServicesWe have the most advanced traditional and online Lead Generation solution available. Merging these two mediums together we provide you one reporting package and one lead distribution source to create total lead integration.

We offer the most flexible processing cycle, reporting options and lead distribution methods in the industry. We provide all of this for substantially less than our competition.

Below is a breakdown of our services:

Lead request options:

    • Mail - Mail in the reader service card.
    • Fax – Fax in the reader service card.
    • Internet – Request information via webcard and/or link directly to the advertisers’ web page.
    • Ereader service – respond via the email sent directly to the circulation audience.

Lead delivery options:

    • Labels - Pressure sensitive labels mailed to your advertisers.
    • Disk – Deliver respondents on a disk via mail to import into their database.
    • E-mail – Deliver respondents via e-mail to import into their database.
    • Internet - Webreport allows your advertisers to go online and retrieve their leads.

Lead reporting options:

    • Paper reporting – provides you detailed information broken down by advertiser and issue.
    • Internet – Webreport allows you complete access to all your reader service data. Create reprints, look up lead counts and allow your advertiser to access their leads online.

Database Maintenance:

    • Issue Master – Create and maintain your issue master online using webreport.
    • Advertiser Maintenance - Make your additions, changes, deletions and transfers online.
    • No hit que – We will alert you via e-mail if a reader service number is requested that was not added to the issue.

Lead Processing Options:

    • Weekly, Semi-monthly or Monthly - Leads generated via Webcard or Ereader Service are sent daily.
    • Premier Processing – Process leads weekly and distribute via e-mail. This option sends mail leads every other week or monthly saving you postage and forms cost.
    • E-mail Thank You – If we receive a readers’ e-mail address we will send them a thank you e-mail for their request.