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Thursday, January 21, 2021
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E-Reader Service

e readerCDS introduces a new service to generate high quality sales leads and combat the decline of mail-in reader service leads. E-reader Service is an e-mail generated reader service card that makes requesting information quick and easy. The program has had proven success in increasing leads for existing B2B publications. Implement E-reader Service and eliminate your concerns about declining sales leads.

How does this service work?

CDS will prepare an e-mail reader service piece from your issue master file that is sent to selected readers of your magazine. You provide a list of readers from your circulation database who have an e-mail address. You determine how many readers each piece will be sent to, each issue. Once the piece is sent, all the reader has to do is click “Reply”, check off the items of interest and click “Send”. CDS receives the reply, prints and prepares the leads for your next processing update.

We have just added our advanced Ereader service piece. This is an html version of above but on this piece the reader can link directly to the advertisers’ web sites.

What are the benefits?

    • Increase your leads significantly for a very small fee
    • Expand your advertisers’ coverage and exposure
    • Bridge the print and E-mail medium of your publication
    • All mail, fax, web and E-Reader Service leads are reported in webreport.