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Thursday, January 21, 2021
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CDS works with our clients to help them improve techniques and save money. Here are a few examples:

Tradeshow Management

Creative Data ServicesCDS will maintain your trade show list with your circulation database so you have one file to maintain for marketing. This will allow you to see which readers are attending and who is attending from year to year.

Telemarketing Cost Savings

When maintaining publications in similar markets but geared towards different job titles, CDS has the ability of extracting one publications’ circulation for a telemarketing campaign and extracting the sister publications’ records at the same unit to maximize your telemarketing efforts.

Telemarketing Ideas

Our aged demo standards allow our clients the flexibility to divide campaigns into two or more groups – short form for newer records and long forms for aged demos in jeopardy. This minimizes your telemarketing costs.

If you are looking to improve your lead generation or circulation audience please contact us to help.